Welcome to our Campervan experiences

The objective of this web site is to maintain a log of our experiences and thoughts during our travels in whatever camper vans we have owned, own or will own and to record our memories of the trips we have made throughout Europe .  We have published reviews of equipment we have used throughout and please remember these reviews are our opinions only and do not reflect other peoples experiences except where stated.  Most of this equipment has been fitted to our own van.

We also want to relate some of our experiences while travelling around in our own Motorhome and to give our opinion on some of the camper van tales that abide in our community.   We will include experiences our colleagues and friends have encountered where appropriate over the years.  As part of this log we intend to maintain a list of all the Aires/Stellplatz/Sostas and campsites we have stayed at over the years, together with photographs where available and allow guests to add their comments.

We have deliberately omitted all the UK sites we have visited over the past 40+ years as these probably run into the hundreds and many folks will have been there anyway.   This is a web site of our experiences and published for our benefit as an aide memoir during our dotage.  Visiters are welcome to browse around and we hope you will find some benefit.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to our Campervan experiences

  1. Hi, just wondered if I may requrest some info from you. I am thinking of purchasing a Piaggio mp3 & storing it in my motorhomes garage as you do. I have a 8.2mtr ‘Tag axle’ Euramobile and I have checked that the weight / payload should be ok. My concern is that my garage door apperture is big enough! I have tried to measure the mp3 and it does seem tight!. I know that the apperture is wide enough its the height that I have concerns. From memory my clear openning height is 1070mm. I am sure I would have to do something to the mirrors or even might have to remove the windsheild. Would it be possible to let me have the measurment of your garage door apperture height, also what you think would be the minium height it would need to be so I can check against mine. Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks Dave

  2. Hi David,

    Sorry for delay in replying but we have been away in France. Piaggio do a smaller screen to fit the MP3 and we had that fitted so it would fit in our Flair. This reduces the overall height to 1150mm. We could have had it reduced by another 100mm by cutting off the top of the screen and shaped by the Piaggio dealer but in our case it wasn’t necessary. It works very well as the hydraulic locking holds the bike upright while we use an electric winch to pull it up our ramp. I would think this is a necessity as it is difficult to push up while checking clearances etc. and of course the winch holds it steady while you wander around and ensure everything is clear. Our Flair has a door height of 1200mm.
    The wing mirrors shouldn’t be a problem if you were to loosen the lock nuts and fold them in. Otherwise do as we did with our quad bike – I loosened the lock nuts and removed them – only took a couple of minutes. You don’t say which model you are thinking of but beware the 400 is a few mm’s longer and wouldn’t fit in our Flair.