Mont St Michel – Aire de Beauvoir

GPS Position:  North 48.594008 West 1.512652

This is a new Aire and it replaces all the other three that existed previously.  It is some 3 km away from the Mont and on the face of it appears expensive at €12.50 per night.  However for that you get full 16amp EHU, all services and a fully marked out pitch giving enough room to put out your awning, deck chairs and BBQ.  Very modern set-up with numerous water taps.  Campers that don’t wish to stay there can use a separate service point that charges €4.50 per go.

Attractions Nearby

Mont St Michel has changed out of all proportion since our last visit.  Gone are the carparks that used to get flooded at high tide.  All transport (including bicycles) are required to park in the allotted vehicle parks some 1 km away and use the free navette that takes you to the entrance to the city.  From the Aire to the navette station is approximately 3km.  The city is lit up at night and makes an excellent photo.

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