Salmon in Beer

This is a favorite of ours and is real easy.  We picked this up when we lived in Seattle and was prepared for us by an American sailing buddy.   We always cook a whole fillet and then freeze any left overs in packs for other days.  Practically though its probably better to to cook enough for one meal when out in the camping car.


Salmon – size to suit

1 or 2 onions – red or white it doesn’t matter

Selection of herbs to include Herbs de Provence, Tyme, Parsley, mint, Rosemary

1 bottle of beer

Large piece of baco foil


Assess the size of the salmon and using the Baco foil make a tray by folding over the sides of the foil and squeezing the edges to makes a shallow tray.  You can of course use foil trays from the supermarkets but I find the trays are too deep (unless you can find shallow ones).  Also its less messy to fold up and dispose of a bit of baco foil when you’ve finished – rather than wash the tray out.   Slice the onions into rings, break up and spread in the bottom of the tray.  Rinse the salmon and place on top of the onion pieces.   Sprinkle the herbs liberally over the salmon.



Pre – heat BBQ for 10-15mins if using gas or 25mins if using charcoal.  Place tray on grill and pour whole bottle of beer over salmon, making sure you don’t waste the beer with leaks in the tray.  Don’t worry if you wash the herbs off the salmon.  If you have a lid on your BBQ close it and cook for approx 15mins.  If you don’t have a lid use a spoon to baste the salmon every few minutes to stop it from drying on top.  After 15 mins use a knife to part the fish to check it is cooked in the middle.  Usually by  this time all the beer will have evaporated.

The onions will stop the fish from burning on the bottom and the beer will keep it very moist.  The beer and onions cancel each other out and don’t influence the taste in any way.  The herbs just give it the right little distinct touch.

Serve with new potatoes and fresh green salad.  Even tastes great when cold and remains moist.

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