Port La Nautique Parking

GPS Position:  43.14289429  East  02.9997396469

General Information: We were sent to the nearby campsite Camping La Nautique by the tourist info office at Gruissan as they had it listed as open and we desperately needed fresh water as all other places water was turned off. Follow Ave des Etangs until road becomes Chemin de la Nautique. Continue past Camping La Nautique until end and turn right – parking place on left. Note there is a 3.5T limit sign after campsite (we didn’t notice it until leaving). Camping La Nautique was closed during our visit so we stayed at the beach parking and learnt that this is allowed all year but can get very crowded in high season. There is a sign at the campsite that says MH can’t use the services unless staying at the site. I have said no to RV’s only because of the weight limit however there doesn’t appear to be any physical limitation.


Attractions Nearby:

Cost per 24hrs:

Great beach area with marina just down the road. Looked a good area for cycling or walking


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