GPS Location: North 50.061453, East 01.401829

On the right on entering town – well signed. This is a new Aire approximately 1 mile back from the town centre and beaches. There is a full service point and entry is barrier operated. During our visit the barrier was up and the Aire was free. The cost for high season wasn’t shown but it is free from 1 Oct until 1 April according to the TO. Didn’t need the services so cannot comment on its possible cost. It is within a secure fenced area and can easily accommodate 50+ MH’s with each pitch separated by half telegraph type poles secured in the ground.
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Cost per 24hrs:

In many ways this is a backward step in comparison to the original Aire as it is much further back from the beach and town centre. The Aire is not located in a particularly pleasant area – more of a waste land industrial spot – in my opinion this will not be popular to camper van owners.

High season  ??? Low season Free

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