Gouffre de Padirac

Position:  North 44.856796670  East 1.750152111

Driving along the D90 towards the Gouffre de Padirac some 200 mtrs before reaching the caves roundabout is the number 1 car park. There is a sign saying campers can park there during the day for the months of July and August but only until 22:00hrs. (totally ignored by my fellow camper van folk) For the rest of the year you are allowed to stay overnight. During our visit there were around 10 campers staying overnight and longer.
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Cost per 24hrs:

The underground caves at Padirac are not to be missed and at €9 it is well worth it. The price includes a guide, boat trip along the underground river and a 2 km walk in the massive cavern with incredible views. Beware in July/August the queues can be up to 5 hrs long – better to visit in Sept. Caves close over winter period from November to April.



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