Source Bleu de Meski

GPS Position:  North 31.857169,  West 4.283230

This is a true Oassis just off the N13 along the Rif valley.  From road level it is completely unseen but is a real picturesque spot surrounded and interlaced with Palm trees.  There are several shops and a swimming pool (not open during our visit)  The toilet and showers are operated by a separate owner.  All proceeds are said to be of benefit to the villagers.  This would have been the most perfect spot had it not been for the oppressive traders unwilling to leave you alone and badgering folk into buying for their shops.Source Bleu

The nearby village has nothing to offer other than a small shop with mainly water and poor selection of veg.  The site “warden” will bring you fruit and veg however I have no idea where he gets it from.

Cost per 24hrs:   From €6

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