Cooking Beef Joints

Ingredients:   Beef joint – Rib/Sirloin/Topside.  Olive Oil, Herbs to suite – dry or better still fresh.

Tools:   Gas BBQ with lid, Bacofoil tray, Meat thermometer.

One very tasty way of BBQ’ing a piece of beef (2kgs in this case) is to first to place the beef joint into a bacofoil tray, pour a few drops of olive oil into a cup or small bowl and add in a selection of herbs.  I have used the BBQ steak sprinkle, Herbs de Provence or a selection of herbs made up.  Fresh herbs just add that little touch of extra flavour.

Mix the herbs (chop first if fresh) and oil into a paste and then cover the meat by rubbing in all over and leave for at least 30 mins.  Get the BBQ going and heat up to around 350/400 F on the lid thermometer and place the meant and tray in the centre.  Turn the meat over every 10 minutes to seal in the juices.  Once sealed lower the temperature of the BBQ and cook for a total of 45 mins, turning every 10 minutes.  Here I use a meat thermometer and insert it to read the temperature.  Depending on how you like the meat, you can then adjust the timing to suit.  After 45 minutes the beef will be well and truly sealed on the outside and a nice medium rare in the middle.  If you have guests that prefer medium then cut them the outer slices, leaving the medium rare for those that prefer it that way.  Or if you prefer medium to well done then leave the beef in the tray for another 10 minutes or until the thermometer indicates the right internal temperature.  Carve at the table and serve with jacket potatoes and salad.

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