Dieppe 2

GPS Position:  N49.931862, W001.083352

Ideal if Dieppe 1 is full and is located on the promenade.  Follow raod past first Aire and turn sharp right at end of road over iron bridge.  At next roundabout take first exit and follow harbour wall round for approximately 1km and Aire is on the right.  Note:  This Aire was undergoing complete renovation during October 2015.Dieppe2

Cost per 24hrs  €7 with service area.  Ideal for walking on seafront with several cafes/snack bars along front.  Free parking on front for those that don’t want to spend a night there.

Update 2022

Aire now re-opened with barrier operation and cost per night €14.20 that includes “limited” EHU.  There are only approx 20 points for around 50 campervans with electric limited to certain hours 6am to 10am, 2pm to 6pm and 10pm to 2am  Same applies to water from service areas


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