La Rochelle (La Pallice)

GPS Position:  North 46.147778    West 01.206944

Situated at La Pallice just north west of La Rochelle.
An overnight parking area just by the popular Plage Chef De Baie.
Follow the D735 towards Ile De Re and leave at the signpost for La Pallice, then pick up signs for Chef De Baie, you will pass through a pretty uninspiring industrial area before you reach the coast. Parking for motorhomes is on the left opposite the public beach car park. There are no official motorhome facilities but its possible to get water from the cold showers by the beach. Small cafe by the beach selling snacks. Public toilets there as well if req’d.  Very busy with beach day visitors but quietens down at night.  Cafe does take away (generous helpings).  Cafe does take away (generous helpings). 
Attractions Nearby: 

Cost per 24hrs:

Nice safe public beach acroos the road (Plage chef de Baie)  Nice bike track into La Rochelle however its a fair distance to walk. 


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