Le Crotoy

GPS Position:  North 50.21785892  East 1.63325071

Location:            Easily found on entering Le Crotoy just follow the parking signs to the left.  Then left at the marina and on to the end.   Excellent views over Marina, estuary and town.  Surface appears to be a mixture of sand and mud so could be a problem in winter. Best position is along the front with views however only the early birds get that.  Room for around 100 camper vans.







Attractions Nearby:        Must be one of the best sea food places in France.  Even in winter                                              there are loads of places selling sea food.  They even do take away                                            Plateau des fruits de mer – all reasonably priced.  Good for walking                                            dogs, nice beach.  Estuary looks muddy when tide is out.

Cost per 24 hrs:                 €6

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