Antibes – Marineland

GPS Position:  North 43.615194  East 07.120589

This Aire is located within the Marineland sea life park and is some 300 mtrs back from the beach and road into Antibes centre.  This is the most expensive Aire we have stayed at but I guess in summer it would be cost effective at €24 compared to campsites around at €40+







Attractions Nearby:  Marineland sea life park, Aquapark across the road and the beach at the end of the road.  Antibes centre is a good 45 minute walk away.

Cost per 24 hrs:  €24

Services:  Full services available with 12 EHU points – all operated by Jetons.  Each Jeton costs €3.  one Jeton gets 4 hrs EHU or one 10 minute fill of fresh water and a WC dump.

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