GPS Position: North 44.064188, East 1.958421

Follow signs for carpark number 2 situated to the south east of the town.  Quiet Aire with service point.  Some shaded pitches and some on tarmac.  Police call each evening for the €5 fee and in return he gives you a token that fits the EHU pillar giving you 2 hours free electric.

CordesThe town stands on a hill and the better way to start is from the top.  The best way to get there is by Navette.  The best couple of euros we spent that holiday. The market square is a lovely covered in affair and is next to the main panoramic viewing area and restaurant and bar.  The streets and shops are worth a view and the cobbled road back down to the lower town is worth the walk.  Full service area but not free.

Update: Spring 2022

There is now a machine that takes Credit cards for 24/48 hrs.  Next to the machine is another that takes coins to deliver a jeton to place in the EHU point giving 24 hrs electricity.  You also need a jeton to obtain water from the service point.  €1 = EHU €2 = EHU and water.  Everything else is the same.

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