GPS Position:  North 43.47223126  West 01.56623840

Visited here in Sept 08 price now 10 Euro per night collected by the local police. 48 hr maximum not adhered to and it was very amusing to watch the “experienced” MH’ers run off as soon as the police showed up. The police go around and only collect fees from the campers that are present. They don’t take registration numbers nor do they come back so if you aren’t there you don’t pay. We stayed there 2 nights and the police only came around 1 day so we paid 10 Euros for 2 nights. Price includes EHU but you need adaptors as there aren’t enough to go around.  Very crowed in high season and vans very close together.


Attractions Nearby:       Beach under bridge about 200mtrs.  Excellent location.  Walk                                                     along cliff top into Biarritz about 4 kms.  Town has lots to see and                                               great little bays to swim in.


Cost per 24htrs:            €10 in high season  and supposed to be free in winter but the police                                         don’t seem to know

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