Spicy Potatoe Slices

Ever been on a site or in an Aire, even wild camping and fancied a bag of chips and there is nowhere open?  Here is a simple way of BBQ’ing sliced potatoes to add to whatever you are cooking.  If you are BBQ’ing anyway say chicken, lamb or pork then while the charcoal or gas is burning add these to the grill.


Use one or two large potatoes and slice them across aprox 1/4 inch thick to give a number of oval shaped slices.   Place in bowl or tuppaware box.  Add a couple of large spoons of Olive Oil and add whatever herbs or spices you fancy.  We use either Chinese five spice or Paprika or any one of the Swarze sprinkles – Pork or Lamb is good.  We even use Herbs de Provence.   Stir the oil and herbs in the bowl to evenly coat the potatoe slices.  Don’t add too many spices are it will kill the taste.

Heat up the BBQ so the grill is pretty hot.  Tear off a piece of Baco foil and lay it on the grill.  This stops the oil from flaring up and the slices from dropping through the grill.  Pour the potatoe slices onto the foil and spread them out so they aren’t overlapping.

Cook for 6 mins each side or until they brown.  The time will depend on how thick you have cut the slices.   The oil stops them sticking to the foil and helps them brown.  Fold foil into small quare when cold to keep all the oil, herb bits etc. in, put in rubbish bin and hey presto BBQ cleaned

Serve with whatever else you are preparing.


Of course you can use the basic idea to prepare weggies or even frozen chips if you have them in the freezer.  We have often made weggies as an alternative.  The only difference is that as they are triangular in shape they take a little more cooking.

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