GPS Position:   North 44.8461329  East 00.487346649

Aire Communale, Quai Garrigat.
Coming up from the South on the N21 head towards town centre. As you cross the River Dordogne on the Pimont bridge you are confronted with a roundabout. Go ¾ around the island and the river is on your left. The road runs parallel to the river, immediately on your left is an emplacement for 5 MNs.  A Raclet sani-point unit provides refills and disposals, no power.


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Cost per 24hrs:

Bergerac old town  An easy walk along the river foot path takes you into the old town and the historic sections. during our stay we were confronted with youths banging on the sides of Motothomes and then running off – this was gone midnight. 2 fellow MHer’s who moved on around 1 am said this happened regularly. We also found people sleeping rough down the banking and while we had no problems it just made you feel unsafe.




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