GPS Position:  North 44.587222  East  04.631944

Aubignas is just North of the road (N102) from Montélimar to Aubenas. About 9kms from Montélimar turn North on the D363 and follow the signs to Aubignas. The aire is in a car park to the left just before the village. The aire has no shade, but superb views. The village is very pretty, but has no shops or restaurants. The villagers told us that they had provided the aire because they like people coming to enjoy seeing their village – a restored old typical French village of 100+ years ago.  When we visited this place in Sept 07 – they had opened a “Bouvette” – a small bar arrangement that will sell you coffee, drinks and light snacks.   If closed the lady in the house immediately opposite the entrance will open up for visitors. Toilets on the Aire are very clean and include a sink unit.   There is  good walking around the area but the attraction for us was the view from the Aire that gives a near 360 degree panarama from its elevated position.  Beware of the steep slope from the main road onto the Aire.  Our camper has a long overhang and we bottomed out.  The best way is to approach at an angle to avoid hitting the bottom.






Attractions Nearby:    Great views and a feeling of solitude.  You will enjoy it but wouldn’t want to spend your whole holiday here.


Cost per 24hrs:         Free

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