Sevrier (Annecy)

GPS Position:   North 45.8593224 East  06.1426770

If you are really stuck or just want to visit Annecy for a few hours and the Annecy Aire down the road is full, then this could be the answer. It is a parking place for Camping Cars but there is a sign there saying a max stay of 14 hours. Now in reality nobody took any notice and campers were there all week when we passed by on bicycle several times on our way into Annecy. It is located right next to the cycle track that runs into Annecy and adjacent to the lake and Sevrier marina.


Attractions Nearby:



Cost per 24hrs:

Handy for walking into Annecy (about 20/30 mins) Good for cycling or boating. The lake boat service calls in 3 or 4 times a day with a 15 min trip into Annecy. Careful on the return as it goes all around the lake (2hrs) before arriving back at Sevrier €16.40 return trip or €4 one way.



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