Fes – Camping International

GPS Position:  North 33.999631, West 4.968203

Better to enter Fes from the south from the A2 motorway taking the N403 exit.  The site is on the way into Fes by the main football stadium.  This site was by far the dirtiest and unkempt of all sites we visited in Morocco.  The site owner was a very miserable man and only out to fleece the tourists.  All the showers were broken and the toilets very dirty.  That said it is the most convenient site for visiting Fes.Fes

Attractions nearby:  Fes is really one of the oldest cities in Morocco and one you must visit.  Sadly it has been spoilt by the tourist in that they do not understand the Moroccan culture of bartering for everything and so there are dozens of wiley Moroccans that try every trick in the book to get tourists to part with their money and the place is littered with unofficial guides that are forbidden by law to escort you around the city.  Beware.

Cost per 24hrs:   from €11

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