Dampierre en Burly

GPS Position:   North 47.762497 East  02.513803

Very easy to find when travelling North.  On the exit from Dampierre the road follows around the old city walls bending downhill to the left.  There is a small lake on the right.  The Aire is over the bridge, then immediately right.  MH’s are visible from the opposite side of the lake.  Didn’t get chance to look around much as it was dark when we arrived, but there was a waste water emptying point, not easy for large vehicles.  The WC emptying point is in the toilet block (as indicated by the sign on the wall.  The fresh water was turned off for the winter however you can get water from inside the toilet area but you would need a bucket or can. I have said yes to RV’s as from an access standpoint it is ok however there is a sign saying weight limit of 3.5T but unsure as to where the limit begins
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Cost per 24hrs:

Town lit up at night with old walled city. Walks and cycling in the woods behind the Aire. Fishing, the Loire nearby.




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