GPS Position: North 43.592927 East 07.125303


New small parking place added during 2010. This is a parking area extension at the end/beginning of the Route du Bord-de-Mer (N98) near the sports complex and path to Fort Carre. Very handy for Antibes town centre and marina. I don’t think its open in the summer (July and August) as my guess is that it would be hopeless during summer as its right on the beach and would be very busy. Maybe even there would be charges for parking there. Have said spaces for 4 as more than 4 would be crowded, even though there were 6 there during our stay over New Year. After new Year it thinned out as the (mainly Italians) left for other places. Waves can be noisy at night in rough weather but you get used to it.  Update:  Drove past here in October 2011 and could not find a place to stay.  

Attractions Nearby: This spot is right on the beach, near to the marina and some 500yds from Antibes town centre. Fishing on the beach, even swimming in December.
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1 thought on “Antibes

  1. For the foodies, Antibes has a very nice traditional local market.
    Although not the cheapest way to stock the shelves, the produce is fresh and of good quality, with some interesting local specialities, such as “socca”, a pancake made with chickpea flour and sprinkled with ground black pepper.

    The market is undercover, so is a good option for a rainy day.

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