Finally hung up our keys (Well we thought we had)

It is with some sadness we have to report that we have sold our Hymer and finished our camper van trails at least for now.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our years with our camper vans but situations change and that is especially true for us.

With our family now settled in the South of France we found ourselves planning all our trips so pass through Carcassonne as we want to see our grand children as much as we can.  Add in the reality that our Hymer wasn’t as “self sufficient” as our Flair in many ways resulting that we needed to make more use of camp sites than Aires and of course camp sites around Carcassonne close from the end of September until sometime in April.  Add to the pot the simple fact that we are getting older and the walk to and from the campsite is proving a real chore – even with electric bikes.  So that’s it for now.

We hope to buy a small caravan at some point and use it mainly in UK to visit all the places we had intended to visit in our camper vans but somehow never got around to it.  For now we will just sit back and relax, maybe plan a package holiday trip or two – what this space

More to follow……

July 2015

Well after some 6 months without having a camper parked in the drive we are getting itchy feet and look longingly at all the lucky people that drive past in their campers setting off or returning from holidays around Europe and UK.  So we are seriously thinking of getting another camper in the next few months.  We really miss traveling around and the EU referendum decision has altered our plans as we had pretty much decided to buy a second property in France and alternate between the two while letting our daughter-in-law rent out the house in France during the months we weren’t there.  Another piece of good news is that there is a new Aire in Carcassonne and its much closer to the family than the old one so we won’t have the problem of closed campsites and the tedious walk up the hill back to the Aire at night.

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