Stop Press – We have sold our beloved Flair

Sad day today after 8 years we have sold our Flair.  She left today to her new home.  We are in a quandry as we feel like we have lost a favourit pet, child left home so to speak.  Our rationale was that after 8 years we felt we needed a change as with age and health marching on it would be better to part company before we were forced into it.  Over the next few weeks or so we will decide if we should replace our Flair or hang up our boots so to speak.  One of the hardest things to overcome will be the convenience of a camper while visiting our family in the South of France.  Yes of course we could stay with them but we like moving around, having the children over for a sleepover in the camper, even meeting up with the family at new places and all camping together.  Watch this space….

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